Meet the Team

At Prestige MedSpa we have quite the team to help you get your desired results. Every Cosmetic Injector is certified and has had multiple trainings including advanced trainings. Every client is important to us by having highly trained and skilled staff you can be sure you are in good hands.

Dr. Monika Yadav
our first cosmetic injector has been practicing the art of cosmetic enhancements for over 10 years, she practices out of our Holly Springs & Canton office.


Cosmetic Injectors

 Lottie Davenport has been a cosmetic injector with us for 6 years now and has been through multiple training’s including advanced injections with Allergan. Lottie is a primary injector in our Jasper location and often does many of our after hours events.

Amy Mitton has been a cosmetic injector with us for 4 years now, she has had multiple training’s and primarily practices in our Jasper office.

Caroline Garrett


Caroline Garrett has been with our company for 3 years now, she takes time with all her injections including facial symmetry assessments.  Caroline Garrett is our primary injector at our Holly Springs location.

Kimberly O’Brien has been with the Spa for 10 years she is the lead Aesthetics and Assistant Laser Practitioner.
Training’s include: Cosmetic Advancements with Jane Iredale, Complete Skin Care Assesments with Skin Ceuticals, Cosmetic Injections with Allergan, Advanced Aesthetic Injections with Aesthetic Advancements, with certification course through Appalachian Technical Collage and Candela Laser Institute. She is a primary facial consultant and Aesthitician. She assists all providers with Injections, including facial symmetry assessments, and client result expectations.